Viking Knives

When you think of the Vikings, pillaging, battling, raging through different lands, you might not mentally picture them with knives in their hands, but quite often, that was the case! The knife was perhaps the most utilized weapon by the Vikings; in battle, in daily life, used by the rich, the poor, and everyone in between. 

A weapon for everyone!

A Viking would use their knife for many aspects of daily life; hunting, fighting, picking their teeth, etc. It was their multitool- think of it kind of like a very early Swiss Army Knife. Women and children also had their own knives with which to carry out their daily needs, including preparing food and eating. Knives have been found at Viking burial sites of all types of people; men, women, and children, including slaves, implying that really everyone was permitted a knife. 

Standardized shapes

There were two distinct classes of knives used by the Vikings; knife and seax.

The knifr class were standard, multiuse, single-edged knives owned by men, women, and children. Knifr knives have been found at the gravesites of all different kinds of people, including slaves. It is the only type of weapon slaves were permitted to use which really shows just how integral these knives were to all parts of Viking society. Smaller versions were used for everyday needs, including eating. Longer and larger versions were used for hunting and combat. These knives ranged greatly from very simple and unadorned, to elaborately decorated with beautifully engraved ornamental inlays on the blade, or handles made out of different materials, including antler. The knifr knives usually had a straight blade ending in a sharp, upturned tip. 


Failon is a perfect example of a knifr knife with its upturned point and lovely wooden handle. This is a knifr style knife you would be proud to use in everyday life, from cooking at home to whittling by the fire on a camping trip. https://www.windofnorth.com/products/failon?_pos=1&_sid=d8c06f594&_ss=r

 Seax is actually an Old English word for knife but is used, in terms of the Vikings, to describe a heavier and larger machete-like knife. These knives have been found mainly at sites of Viking settlements in England and Ireland. The Vikings often used these broken back seax knives in lieu of swords, they could be that large. The fact that they had a single edge, but were still quite heavy, made them easier for untrained warriors to use. Smaller, handheld versions were also available from Viking blacksmiths for everyday use. 


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