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Viking Knives

When you think of the Vikings, pillaging, battling, raging through different lands, you might not mentally picture them with knives in their hands, but quite often, that was the case! The knife was perhaps the most utilized weapon by the Vikings; in battle, in daily...

Viking weapons: Viking swords

Despite the fact that Viking swords were considered the most basic of Viking equipment, not all Vikings could afford to own their own as they were the most expensive weapons of their time. Because of the higher price, Viking swords were mainly used by Viking leaders -...

Viking weapons: Viking axes

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Viking weapons? Probably a solid double-bitted ax, right? Movies and historical illustrations often depict double-bitted axes as the most commonly used weapon by Vikings. But is it really the weapon the Fjord men used...

The very beginning of blacksmithing

If we want to imagine what the first blacksmithing looked like in its very beginning, we must let ourselves be transported back to the time when heaven was still a big unknown ever-changing playground of the Gods.  This is the time when Mother Earth gave birth to ore...

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